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Single Payment
It’s time for your interior design business to start making money 24/7.
Lots of money, in fact.
You deserve an interior design business that allows you to be the tastemaker you were destined to be - without the terrifying peaks and valleys of unpredictable income.
Imagine …
  •  Waking up to client inquiries in your inbox
  •  Bypassing “I have to think about it” and closing new clients faster
  •  Quickly building an email database of thousands of leads you can market to again and again
  •  Easily monetizing that slice of your audience who was never actually going to hire you in the first place
When you chose the career of interior designer or decorator, you wanted the privilege of creating real transformation for your clients - but, up until now, you haven’t been able to find enough profitability in your business.

It’s not your fault.

The traditional model of interior design is a referral-based business, meaning, you must lean heavily on your personal network to get your first, few jobs. Then, you must work with dozens of clients - which could take years - so you can ask them to give you a referral to friends and family.
But what if you don’t have a network of affluent and wealthy friends, and what if you don’t have YEARS to grow your business? 

What if you need income now?
Many of you have already taken matters into your own hands by putting your business online with a website and a social media presence. 

You might have even signed up for Mailchimp to start collecting email leads or tried Facebook ads!
  •  But it seems like no one is seeing your Facebook posts or reading your blogs
  •  Clients aren’t flooding your inbox - and the inquires that do come in are either tire-kickers or they can’t afford even your lowest priced service
  •  Your savings is either dwindling or - let’s be real - you’re staring down another month where you barely cover expenses
  •  Your spouse might be threatening to make you get a day job - if you’re even out of your day job in the first place
  •  And you just don’t know how to make all of this work, which is beyond frustrating because interior design is such a unique offering that clients should be flocking to you!
Believe me, as a digital marketer, online entrepreneur and former interior designer, I completely understand your pain.
But, did you know there’s actually a way you can earn six figures in your interior design business …
  • Without having to rely on friends and family
  •  Without taking years to build a referral-based business
  •  Without living off credit cards
  •  Without mindlessly posting content to Facebook that no one sees anyway
  •  Without running holiday specials no one buys
Announcing Interior Design Launchpad

The seven step system for designers and decorators who want more clients, more peace of mind, and a business that makes money 24/7.
Full of proven techniques, genius ideas, and easy-to-follow steps, Interior Design Launchpad will breathe life into your business and get you back into the black.

You’ll learn how to:
Reach an audience of potential clients who are serious about working with you or buying from you 
(so you stop wasting your time)

Collect emails for your database faster than ever before 
(so you can keep marketing even if you’re busy with project work)

Inspire prospective clients to reach out to you 
(so it’s already their idea to work together)

Overcome objections like “I have to ask my husband” 
(so you can close clients with more ease)

Create offers that are easy for your audience to say yes to 
(so you can monetize a larger, mid-market audience without overworking or undercharging)
***Unlike other business programs for designers and decorators that either don't teach enough about marketing, or teach outdated, amateurish techniques, Interior Design Launchpad holds your hand through effective strategies to help you earn money fast while you build your audience.
Applying what you learn from Interior Design Launchpad means you will have:
  •  More Clients
  •  More Money
  •  An ever-expanding audience of enthusiastic followers and buyers
Interior Design Launchpad will reduce the overwhelm of what to do online to market your business, the frustration of going another month without getting even close to your income goals, and the worry of imminent failure. 

It will jumpstart your income and quickly help you build a dedicated audience.
What’s inside Interior Design Launchpad:
Video Lessons
Summary Worksheets
Real Life Examples
Checklists & Swipe Files
Module Zero
Lay the Foundation for Your Success with an Entrepreneur MINDSET
  •  Learn to think like an entrepreneur so you can break out of paralysis and stagnation
  •  Fix your own money issues so you can stop attracting clients who can’t afford your services
  •  Jumpstart cash flow by becoming sleuth for financial opportunities 
  •  Find your mojo again and be highly productive by learning how to self-motivate
  •  Stay on-track throughout your day with routines and rituals for success
Module One
Finding People Who Will Actually Buy From YOU
  •  Determine your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) beyond simple demographics
  •  Get into your ICA’s mind so they believe you’re talking directly to them
  •  Become more profitable by speaking directly to the right clients and repelling the wrong ones
  •  Learn to tell your story in a way that creates unshakable rapport and credibility with your audience
  •  Build an audience who will be your biggest fans, cheerleaders, supporters and - best of all - customers and clients
Module Two
Quickly Build a Money-Making Email List
  •  Learn to leverage the most effective list-builder available: the style quiz
  •  Expand your audience at lightning speed by creating a quiz that people love to share on social media
  •  Position yourself and your brand as a premiere tastemaker by creating original style archetypes your audience will be obsessed with
  •  Walk with me step-by-step as I show you how to build the quiz and link it with my favorite email service provider
Module Three
Quickly Build a Money-Making Facebook Group
  •  Build relationships and close projects faster by collecting and cultivating leads all in one place
  •  Create a sought-after group your ideal client is begging to get into
  •  Leverage your group to build your email list even faster
  •  Kick off your new group or revive an existing one the right way to avoid *crickets*
  •  Hack Facebook’s algorithm so your followers actually see your content
  •  Collect valuable insights about your ideal client’s problems and possible objections
Module Four
Easy Attraction Marketing
  •  Grow your following quickly without paying for ads
  •  Create a social media presence that acts as a beacon to your ideal client
  •  Leverage other people’s communities to find leads for your business and grow your own group
  •  Create blog posts, videos, and social media content that convert subscribers to clients
  •  Generate a cult following of dedicated fans and set yourself apart from competitors
Module Five
Generate Income Now
  •  Create no-brainer offers that jumpstart cash flow into your business
  •  Stand out by structuring packages no one else is offering
  •  Price your services for maximum profitability with confidence
  •  Monetize mid-market DIY’ers without overworking and underearning 
  •  Lay the groundwork for additional opt ins and passive income products
NEW!! Check out the additional content added for this round:
Module Six
Facebook Ads for Interior Designers
  •  Build your customer base for passive income so you can reach more people and make more money
  •  Create a predictable, reliable stream of Internet traffic to your website and offers to fill your pipeline
  •  Retarget people already familiar with your brand so you make sales even faster 
  •  Grow your business and brand for national or international recognition (watch out, Joanna Gaines!)
  •  Learn to play wisely with the most powerful advertising vehicle on the planet, so you stop wasting money and start seeing a return
Module Seven
Build Your Passive Income Empire
  •  "Monetize the Middle" of the massive consumer market and your audience by creating digital products and courses you can sell again and again
  •  Build your online business empire, without needing advanced tech savvy or having to pay a developer
  •  Create recurring, passive income so you can say "no" to the wrong clients and say "YES!" to the right ones
  •  Earn money faster and finance the production of your products with my "sell before you create" strategy
  •  Move past the fear that "no one will buy" and launch #likeaboss
  •  Secure your financial future and have peace of mind by earning money regularly from digital product sales

"Mackenzie is amazing! In just one live call on Facebook she put me ahead light years in my marketing plan. She easily recognized my unique brand and got me laser focused on where I need to be and where to put my best efforts for my business. I’m so excited to work with her more in the future!"
- Rachel Schemmerling, Timeless Interiors

"After a month of following Mackenzie's program, I signed THREE online interior design clients and two custom drapery clients in one day!"

- Dani Alexander, Alexander Interiors

"I want to share with you all how much VALUE I got from a 90 min phone session with Mackenzie! 
First, every single podcast in the group is jam packed full of great information! But the phone call? I received tangible, actionable ideas to implement today!"

- Richelle Plett, Haus & Home by Sitzen

When you buy Interior Design Launchpad before May 27th, you also get these bonuses …
  •  "Launchpad Success Roadmap" - a step-by-step guide to help you achieve your most authentic version of success, with weekly progress goals and tips to help you stay on-track
  •  "Visible on Purpose" - a mini course that shows you how to create a personal brand that feels 100% authentic and attracts only your most ideal clients and customers
  •  "Slaying the eDesign Giants" - a mini course to help you educate followers about Big Box edesign, including website and blog copy swipe files
  •  Six month membership to our private members' club on Facebook - join 50+ Launchpad "Cadets" TODAY who are already building businesses, supporting one another, and celebrating their successes; a weekly LIVE Q&A livestream is included to get your questions answered directly by Mackenzie Fox
  •  An email “welcome sequence” swipe file - just copy/paste/tweak to help forge rapport with new email subscribers so they keep you and your business top-of-mind, and prevent high unsubscribe rates
  •  My “style report webinar” cheat sheet, the same thing I used to help grow my own virtual styling business - use webinars to build your email list, make paid offers and sell products, and position yourself as the premiere interior design tastemaker in your niche
  •  My 90-day content plan for blog posts, videos, podcasts and social media - never be at a loss for what to write or what to say on a video
  •  A sales objections cheat sheet to help you crush objections like “I have to think about it” or “I have to ask my husband” and get the sale
  • "Pinterest and Instagram Secrets for Interior Designers" mini course with expert Tennille Martinez of Ms. Virtual Maven
  • "Intro to Facebook Ads" mini course showing you how to get started with Facebook ads ASAP for better visibility
Buy interior design launchpad now & lock in your low rate!!!
So, why buy Interior Design Launchpad from me?
I’m a former interior designer turned digital marketer and online entrepreneur. I have a bachelor’s of science degree in interior design from the Art Institute of California, Orange County, and I spent almost 10 years working in the field of interior design. I understand, from a designer’s perspective, what it’s like to love the career of design and the joy (and sometimes challenge) of working with design clients.

After my career in design, I launched a wardrobe styling brand and quickly took my company online to serve clients virtually all across the world, eventually creating passive income with PDF products and online courses. To help grow my businesses, I’ve never stopped learning, and recently completed advanced training with digital marketing expert, Julie Stoian, in her Digital Gangsta program.
Here's what people say about me and my tribe:
Hear the Truth Straight Up from My Launchpad Clients:
Jenna Gaidusek
700 New Email Subscribers &
4 New Clients in One Month
Lindsey Childs
"It's been the best money I've spent on my business"
Paula Raymond
"Mackenzie has taught me how to market to my ideal client"
Katherine Tlapa
5 New Clients in 6 Weeks
800 New Leads in a Facebook Group
You’re ready for Interior Design Launchpad if you are:
  •  Excited to grow your design or decorating business now
  •  Passionate about creating real transformation with your clients
  •  Willing to market in a different way than 99% of peers in your space
  •  Interested in generating income within 30-45 days and creating passive income for the future
  •  Ready to learn new about using new technology that can build your business fast
You’re NOT ready for Interior Design Launchpad if you are:
  •  Brainwashed into believing that a successful interior design business can only be built one way - by "paying your dues," struggling for years, and letting clients treat you like dirt
  •  Skeptical that you could ever make six figures in your business
  •  Afraid to take risks and try new things
  •  Not willing to invest in yourself
  •  Unable to manage your time properly and cannot commit to learning and implementing
Here’s my guarantee if you join us in Interior Design Launchpad:
You might be thinking, “all this sounds great, but, what if I get access to the program and it's just not right for me?” 

Because I believe in this system 100%, I’m willing to offer a money-back guarantee. If you find the program just isn't for you, simply get in touch within 14 calendar days of your purchase, and I'll refund your money.*

Though, I'm pretty sure once you dive into the course materials and join our community on Facebook, you won't want to leave. The money you invest in yourself with Launchpad could literally change your business and your life. So, be sure to give yourself a chance to succeed. 
So now you have a choice:

You can totally pass on this program and keep wondering how, exactly, you’ll ever reach your income goals with your interior design business.

You can waffle for a few hours or a few days, and maybe miss your opportunity entirely because you didn’t take action. 

Or you can commit to investing in yourself now and join us immediately. 

When you take decisive action, it instantly builds self-confidence. You may even notice that releasing your death-grip on a mindset of lack will actually flush a few of your own prospects out of indecision.

I’m just saying, don’t be surprised if your newfound swagger is irresistible to clients ...

Buy interior design launchpad now & lock in your low rate!!!
Q: Will this system really work?

A: If you put in the dedication, set aside the time to execute, and commit to following the steps - yes. It’s what I used to grow my wardrobe styling brand, my current business - Nest & Prosper - and helped countless colleagues build their businesses too. 

Also, don't forget to watch the testimonial videos about me and my program if you're unsure.

Q: How much is it and how can I pay?

A: You can make one payment of $497 or seven (7) payments of $97 for a total of $679 if financed. I accept PayPal for single payments and major credit cards for single payments and installment plans.

Q: How long do I have to make a decision?

A: This round of Interior Design Launchpad is available for purchase until Sunday, May 27th, 2018. 

Q: When will I have access to the course?

A: You'll have immediate access to Modules Zero through Five and the members' only Facebook group, with access to Modules Six and Seven and Bonuses 1, 2, and 3 available June 29th.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes. From the date you purchase, you'll have 14 calendar days to decide of the program is a fit for you. If it's not, just get in touch before the end of your trial period for a full refund.

Q: Can I work at my own pace?

A: Absolutely. I do encourage you to find either an accountability partner or small mastermind group to help you stay focused, but if you prefer to work at your own pace for whatever reason, you get lifetime access to the materials, including any updates that are made to the program. You also have six months of access to our Facebook support community.

Q: Is there a private clients' Facebook group?

A: Not with this deeply discounted flash sale.

Q: I read through this sales page and what you’re describing seems like a lot of work. Is it worth all the effort?

A: Welcome to marketing a successful business in 2018. If you’re satisfied with your income, feel free to click off this page and forget you were ever here. However, if you know you’re capable of bigger things in your business, it’s time for you to step up and learn some new things. Plus, once you have built the foundation of a business that markets for you 24/7, it won’t be as time consuming. But you’ve got to take that first step - and this is it.

This offer at this price won’t ever be available again after July 22nd. This is your chance NOW to lock in your reduced rate.
Buy interior design launchpad now & lock in your low rate!!!
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