Why Interior Designers STILL Shouldn’t Abandon Facebook for Marketing

Hello! In this quick video below, I’m explaining why you – an interior designer – should not consider leaving Facebook in light of a possible change to how it displays business page content in the feed.

:44 Your non-sponsored posts might get directed to a “secondary” feed – Facebook is testing this in a handful of countries in Eastern Europe and Asia

1:47 Normal, organic reach of most Facebook pages is only about 3-6% anyway Why You Still Shouldn't Abandon Facebook For Marketing

2:44 If this change to the feed were to actually happen, most page owners aren’t going to be affected that much

3:41 With 1.8B users, Facebook is where your customers are at, period

3:44 Other channels like Pinterest and Instagram are useful too

4:37 A big change like this might actually inspire you to play a bigger game as a business owner

4:57 Because the information that Facebook gathers on it’s users is so precise, I can leverage that to target my ideal clients

5:32 Now, instead of not using any strategy, you’re forced to create a strategy that actually gets you clients

6:44 Change is inevitable; successful businesses adapt when necessary

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