IDE Ep 010: Effective Visibility with Marketing & Mindset Coach Jaclyn Mellone

Imposter Syndrome. Comparisonitis. Mean girls.

Ugh! These things are the worst, and they’re usually the things that keep women entrepreneurs from being as visible as possible to get in front of their clients.

In this episode Marketing & Mindset Coach Jaclyn Mellone shares how she has overcome her own struggles with a fear of visibility, and how designers can take the right steps to get in front of their clients.


Jaclyn Mellone is a marketing + mindset mentor, speaker and co-hostess of the All Up In Your Lady Business podcast. She helps entrepreneurs become the go to gal in their space, from the inside out.

When not she’s helping entrepreneurs get out of their head so they can own the spotlight, and you can find Jaclyn dancing in the family room with her husband Chris and their two little ones, or being lounged on by their fur-child, Louie… most likely in a sea of naked Barbies and dismantled Lego sets.

Jaclyn loves to connect on Instagram (@jaclyn_mellone) and her Facebook group (Marketing + Mindset for Personal Brands) usually with her favorite Black Toasted Almond cuppa joe from Dunkin’ Donuts in hand! If you are trying to figure out what you’re superpower are, Jaclyn can help for free here.

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