IDE Ep 006: Sales Funnels for Interior Designers with Funnelologist Pamela Dale

Pamela Dale might be one of my favorite people to talk to – not just about funnels, but about anything. She has so much enthusiasm, you can’t help but get excited about whatever is happening in the conversation.

In this episode, Pamela breaks down exactly what a sales funnel is in the first place, so we all understand. Then, she helps us understand the tools needed to create a funnel, the time and cost involved in creating one, and her two preferred types of funnels for interior designers.

But, we also go off-script a bit and talk about how to fall in love with marketing your business and becoming highly visible.

It’s a can’t-miss episode! Enjoy!

About Pamela …


Pamela was born and raised on a farm in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her childhood taught her to be resourceful, honest, and above all, hardworking.

She is obsessed with human behavior (big time!), especially in marketing. Why does one person buy something and another doesn’t?

Figuring that puzzle out is what thrills her analytical mind. It satisfies her need to understand people and their motivations. It’s probably what lead her to go into business by herself.

She quickly figured out that her old idea – working hard to earn success – wasn’t going to be her friend when it came to business.

She needed to work smart – and be smart – instead.

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