I’m Mackenzie Fox, former interior designer turned online entrepreneur and digital marketer.

I’ve spent the last six years learning how to position and market premium personal service businesses, and I can help you find your ideal design clients.

Career Highlights

Interior Design

  • I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Orange County, CA
  • I’ve designed over 450 kitchens and bathrooms with new homebuyers
  • I’ve assisted in the design of a dozen homes with valuations of $2M or more, with one valued at $25M
  • I helped negotiate a $150,000 residential design fee
  • I designed and managed the construction of over 100 corporate tenant improvement projects, with budgets of up to $2M

Digital Marketing and Online Business

  • In 2011, I launched a wardrobe styling brand and quickly took the service online, styling and mentoring clients in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia
  • In 2016, I transitioned to high-ticket business and life coaching, serving clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe
  • I’ve used every possible digital marketing technique, including: email marketing, sales funnels, podcasting, video marketing, paid advertising, blogging and social media marketing

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“Mackenzie is amazing! In just one live call on Facebook she put me ahead light years in my marketing plan. She easily recognized my unique brand and got me laser focused on where I need to be and where to put my best efforts for my business. I’m so excited to work with her more in the future!”

– Rachel Schemmerling, Timeless Interiors

“Shortly after Mackenzie taught me her marketing system, a *new* client reached out to me as a result of posting on social media. She wants to hire me for her bathroom renovation which will eventually lead to… guess what … a kitchen renovation in the spring!! This shift in mindset made me feel more centered and focused – and that’s when the clients started reaching out to ME!”

– Amanda Amato, AMA Designs and Interiors

“You, by far, have the most actionable information I have encountered on the many FB groups for (interior) design business I follow.”

– Julie S.

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“A week after Mackenzie and I talked about how to create my client intensive, I booked one – no joke. Not only does she know content and marketing strategy like the back of her hand, she is an amazing mindset coach who has helped me recognize and own the talents I have.”

– Andrea Luna, Entrepreneur and Coach

“As an entrepreneur, there are so many shiny objects and options that it can be overwhelming to determine where to start. I have gotten so much out of my time with Mackenzie. It’s great to know someone several steps ahead of where I am who can make brilliant suggestions about where to focus my time and energy.”

– Maki Moussavi, Transformational Coach

“Everything she has taught me has helped me get that first sale. Everything she does provides so much value and since joining this group my business has grown and benefited tremendously.”

– Jenny Annessi Gericke

“After a month of following Mackenzie’s program, I signed THREE online interior design clients and two custom drapery clients in one day!”

– Dani Alexander

“I found the information Mackenzie shared to be very helpful and since she knows our industry it made sense that I pay attention to her marketing an interior design business advice. I have worked with her twice on one on one sessions and all of her recommendations and advice made so much sense. I highly recommend her and her group if you are an interior designer starting out or like myself with growing pains. Thanks Mackenzie for sharing your insights with us.”

– Rebecca O’Rourke

“I wanted to publicly thank Mackenzie Fox for her one on one time yesterday. I purchased a 90 minute coaching session to bounce some ideas off her. My friend asked why would I need a coach after so many years in business. The answer is although I am, “shewhoknowsalotofstuff” I still value learning from others. This coaching session helped me to figure out a turn in the road and fire up new ideas. Thank you, Mackenzie…you rock.”

– JoAnne Lenart-Weary